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Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting – Submitted by Ava
The Minnesota Mineral Club
Ancient Lake Fossil Company
Fossil Safari of Kemmerer, WY
U of M Department of Earth Sciences
Keokuk Geodes

How To Break a Geode
Science Daily
American Field Guide
How To Look at a Rock
American Geosciences Institute
Your Guide to Gemstones Online

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Sylvanite: By Harry Wagoner : SYLVANITE
Yogo Sapphirey: By Harry Wagoner : YOGOSAPPHIRE
Turquoise – 2011: By Ken (Moose) Wasserzieher : 2011TURQUOISE
Turquoise: By Ken (Moose) Wasserzieher : TURQUOISE
Star Garnet: By Harry Wagoner : STARGARNET
Anglesite: By Harry Wagoner : ANGLESITE
Lamprophyres: By Harry Wagoner : LAMPROPHYRES